Mr Charles and His New Shirt900字作文

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下列圖畫描述了查爾斯太太為丈夫買上衣后的經歷,請根據圖畫內容,用英語寫一篇 90-120 詞左右的短文,以便刊登在 GUIDE TO ENGLISH TESTS 上。


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2. 短文應包括圖中要點。

Mr Charles and His New Shirt

One day Mrs Charles went to a department store and bought a beautifil shirt for her husband. When she got back home with the shirt her husband was smoking in the sofa with a newspaper in his hand. Mrs Charles asked her husband to try on the news shirt, but it was too large. Suddenly she came upon a good idea. She put the shirt into a basin of hot water, dried it and asked her husband to put it on, but it was too small, which made Charles quite unhappy. When their son saw this, he made fun of his father. Then Mrs Charles made her son try on the new shirt, but it was too large for the little boy. Mr Charles couldn't help laughing at this.

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